David Ian Roberts

guitarist and singer songwriter with cambrian records


David Ian Roberts is a singer songwriter and guitarist from Herefordshire, now based in Cardiff, Wales. His music, while rooted in the solo live performance, makes use of much larger and more elaborate arrangements on record. 

Debut album 'St Clears' was self released under 'David Roberts' in 2014

Sending Out Fires EP was released on Cambrian records in 2016  

Press Quotes


'The name David Roberts may well be new to many of you although with the release of his new album St Clears that will change'

Alex Gallagher, FolkRadioUK

"...At the forefront of contemporary singer-songwriters in Wales"                                             
Michael Kennedy, Welsh Connections


‘Poetry, Jazz, Folk… A fascinating voice’

Frank Hennessey, BBC Radio Wales


‘Remarkably mature… very beautiful’

Dai Jeffries, Folking.com


Reviews for debut album 'St Clears' (2014)


Simon Holland, FolkRadioUK

A new name on the folk circuit, David Roberts makes his debut with the obliquely beautiful and poetic St Clears,

The self-taught guitarist is a gifted player and has an obvious natural gift for melody and harmony, which spills over into string arrangements that add drama and scale. It’s all been carefully recorded and mixed too resulting in a quietly beautiful album, blessed with a classic sound that becomes more compelling with each listen…

…the wonderful melodic and harmonic gifts that David brings to these songs creates the real beauty of this record. St Clears is like a dappled musical dream that you won’t want to wake up from.

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